Another update of the sticker feature of the WhatsApp is here. As known already, users can get quite a number of stickers for WhatsApp either by searching the application, placed next to the already existing gif option or with the installation of third party apps.

So talking about the latest update, users now have the access to create their own personal customized sticker on WhatsApp. Personal Sticker for WhatsApp is an Android app that lets users install custom stickers on WhatsApp. To be specific, this is a simple app which updates the stickers to WhatsApp, there by users can create their own custom packs.

Thus, the section below states the steps of Creating the Stickers:


  • Installation of Bobble Keyboard which would let it scan the users face to generate custom faces.



  • Then, once done, users should tap on the sticker of their choice.
  • Then it is Saved to the gallery.
  • Once all the cropped stickers from the Bobble Keyboard have been received, users can now convert the images to WEBP format using an online converter.
  • Lastly, once the WEBP files have been downloaded, users just need to open the Personal Stickers app, tap and select the WEBP files and then add them to WhatsApp. Now, users would get actual stickers instead of the normal images.
  • Once the WEBP fileshave been downloaded, users can now simply open the Personal stickers app, tap the and select the WEBP files and add them to WhatsApp. Now users would get actual stickers instead of the normal images.


The prime benefit of this method is that users can import personalized facial emotion like excited, sad, overwhelmed etc with bobble keyboard and then later set them as stickers on WhatsApp.

Well, there is also a second part to this which states of Sticker Maker app. For users in the quest for a one-click solution to sent custom stickers on WhatsApp, then the perfect choice is newly released Sticker maker for WhatsApp. Prior to that, users need to update the WhatsApp version from the Google Play Store.