This is the last day of the year and it won’t be long when all of our cellphones would be buzzing with New Year texts, images and GIFs. Of course, there would be numerous people  looking forward to send the best New Year 2019 wishes or greetings to their family and friends and might be searching for the same on the Internet. That said, most of us would be wishing our loved ones through WhatsApp and the platform has just received a new feature through which users can send some of the best WhatsApp New Year 2019 wishes to their respective contacts.


To delve deep, We are talking about the WhatsApp Stickers feature which was launched for both Android and iOS users recently and while this feature was already present on other messaging apps such as Messenger, WeChat and more, users might as well access third-party apps for additional stickers or can even make e customized stickers with their own selfies. It should be noted that there are only 12 default WhatsApp Stickers pack for now and users do have the access to add more stickers by downloading them from the Google Play Store or make a custom one. However, this feature is only available for Android users.

This is how users might turn images into Stickers for New Year: 

  • Primarily, WhatsApp should be updated to the latest version
  • Users then need to go to the Google Play Store to download the ‘Sticker maker for WhatsApp’ app on smartphone.
  • Then, run the app on smartphone and tap on the “Create a new sticker pack”
  • Now, enter the sticker pack’s name as well as author name for descriptive purposes.
  • Then tap on the new list option where users would be taken to a new page with multiple empty stickers trays.
  • Then, Add the stickers pack’s icon before selecting the next tray to add a new customized WhatsApp sticker.







  • After tapping on the empty tray, users would be asked to take a new photo or import any other picture from the gallery.
  • After users have selected the photo or taken a new one, it would be uploaded on a separate image editor tool which is part of the ‘Sticker maker for WhatsApp’.
  • Then crop the image with fingertip if users would want to.
  • Now, save the image and repeat these above steps to add more customized stickers to the pack.
  • Once all things done, a tap on the Publish Sticker Pack option.
  • Now, users would be asked to add these stickers to WhatsApp account, accept and head to the WhatsApp app.
  • Now, users would be able to send these customized stickers to WhatsApp chats.








It should be noted that a minimum of three and a maximum of 30 third-party or custom stickers can be added in a particular pack, and once a WhatsApp stickers pack is published, users won’t be able to add more stickers to the pack.