Weekly Top 10

The week that started on 11th December 2017, had some scintillating news to offer from the technological arena. Kharagpur IIT students developed a sleep assistant, Facebook Live now broadcasts Messenger Instant games and much more. Let’s find out what else happened in the Tech World.

1- Facebook Live can now broadcast Messenger Instant games

Messenger Instant games

Facebook Messenger’s Instant Games is getting upgraded with features like a new live-streaming option. This option allows you to broadcast Instant Games.

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2- Google opening AI Center in China

Google AI Center

Google declared that it is opening an AI center in Beijing, China.This facility will be the first its kind in Asia and will focus to employ local talent.

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3- New Spider ransomware comes with 96-hour deadline

new Spider ransomware

A new type of ransomware has been detected by the threat research labs named Spider ransomware propagating in a mid-scale campaign on December 10.

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4- Microsoft Cortana supports Gmail and Google Calendar

Microsoft cortana Google Calendar

The Microsoft Cortana has added a Gmail connection to Cortana, which will enable the digital assistant to access Google Calendar data.

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5- SleepDoc- a sleep assistant developed by Kharagpur IIT students

Sleep assistant

The Kharagpur IIT students have developed sleep assistant which monitors sleep patterns remotely via the wireless device.

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6- Saregama Caravan: Bring back the Golden Era of Music

Meet Saregama Caravan, the innovation by Saregama which indulges the people of the previous generation, in a nostalgic journey of songs from the Golden era.

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7- Google Maps will now notify when to get down from train/bus

Google Maps to get updated with a very fruitful feature which states the passengers in a train/ bus being reminded about their stoppage while commuting.

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8- Samsung patents phones with wraparound display

The latest patent phones by Samsung suggest of a wraparound display of apps on screens. To know more about it, read on now.

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9- Android Oreo update for these smartwatches

Google has recently announced the list of Smartwatches to receive the Android Oreo Update. Know about it and also the features it would provide.

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10- The iMac Pro – The most powerful and expensive Mac ever

Apple has created headlines this time with the launch of its iMac Pro and this is the most powerful and expensive Mac ever, as claimed by Apple.

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