Weekly Top 10

The week that started from 9th April 2018, had some scintillating news to offer from the technological arena. RBI banned Bitcoins, Orkut made a comeback with ‘Hello’, a Computer Baba joined the MP Government ministry and much more. Let’s find out what else happened in the Tech World:

1- Google Chrome Makes It Easy To Add Emojis For Quick Access

The trending news this time states of Google Chrome, adding emoji shortcut on Mac, Windows, Chrome, OS. Read more click here.

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2- RBI Bans Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency Takes A Back Seat

RBI bans Bitcoin

The trending news from the economic genre this time states of RBI banning Bitcoins and other forms of cryptocurrency. Learn more about this now.

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3- Computer Baba Joins MP Govt

Computer baba joins MP govt

MP Government ministry has a new name added to their list. Namdeo Das Tyagi or Computer baba is the one. Who is he? To know more, read on.

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4- MSI gaming laptops get a new lineup

The trending news from the gadget section this time, states of MSI launching its latest series of Gaming laptops, Know the specs and features now.

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5- Google Home Smart Speakers launched in India

The recent news from Google states of the launch of Google Home and Home Mini smart speakers in India for ₹9,999 and ₹4,499 respectively.

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6- Red iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus come to the fore

Apple has recently hit the headlines with the news of the launch of iPhone, iPhone 8 Red, in India. Read more to know about the specs and features.

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7- SBI to start 60 Digital Branches across India

SBI has come up with a really unique initiative this time. This states of initiating its 60 Digital Branches all across India. Read on to know more.

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8- “Hello” is the new Orkut

After Facebook, it’s time for the users to greet ‘Hello’, the latest social networking site by Orkut founder Buyukkokten.

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9- Reliance Jio mulls partnering Qualcomm to launch laptops with SIM card

The latest news from Reliance Jio states of its venture with Qualcomm to launch laptops with SIM card in India, supporting 4G connectivity.

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10- Gmail redesign – This is how it looks

The trending news from Google this time states of the launch of its latest new Gmail design. To know more of the features added, read now.

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