Weekly Top 10

The week that started on 24rth October 2017, had some scintillating news to offer from the technological arena. Reliance Jio raises tariff, WhatsApp introduced the group and video calling, and much more. Let’s find out what else happened in the Tech World.

1. Reliance Jio Raises Tariff, Other Telcos Follow


The recent changes in the tariff rates by Jio has definitely surprised the users but has compelled the other telcos to follow the plan.

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2. Vodafone Joins The race, Announces Feature Phone For ₹999


Vodafone has also joined in the race launching feature phones worth 999, in collaboration with Micromax, following Jio, Airtel and BSNL.

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3. ‘Pay With Google’ Makes Internet Payment Easy

Google has recently hit the headlines with the news of the launch of its payment app via Internet, termed as ‘Pay with Google’, to make simplify payments.

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4. Unlock Your House Remotely With The Amazon Key

Latest smart gadget from Amazon. The Amazon Key lets you unlock your house remotely with your smartphone. Get packages delivered into your locked house.

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5. TRAI Makes Internet Calling Possible Through Wi-Fi

TRAI has finally approved of making phone calls through Internet, naming it internet telephony, enabling calls through Wi-Fi even if signal remains lost.

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6. WhatsApp To Introduce Group Voice Calls And Video Calls


WhatsApp upcoming features- WhatsApp to add GroupVoice call and video calling feature, the group admin are to be vested with more powers and more features.

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7. Government Planning To Hike Internet Speed


The government has kickstarted the process giving a boost to the minimum mandated internet speed from existing 512kbps to at least 2mbs and more.

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8. Microsoft Adds Ransomware Protection On Windows 10 Creator’s Update


Microsoft claims that the latest version of Windows 10, the Fall Creator’s Update, is the most secure version as it has ransomware protection.

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9. The First Hybrid Malware- LokiBot Sold Online For $2,000

LokiBot - Android-Hybrid-Malware

A new Android banking trojan named LokiBot that turns into ransomware and locks user’s phones when they try to remove it’s admin privileges.

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10. AMD Launches First Ryzen Laptop Chips To Take On Intel


The chipmaker AMD has launched its first laptop chips Ryzen and has managed to offer a credible challenge to Intel’s dominance.

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