Weekly Top 10

The week that started on 4rth December 2017, had some scintillating news to offer from the technological arena. Google releases arrays of Indian focused app services, Facebook Introduces Messenger Version For Kids and much more. Let’s find out what else happened in the Tech World.

1- Samsung To Complete First Demo Of 5G On High-Speed Train

Samsung and KDDI 5G Test

Samsung Electronics has successfully completed the first 5G demonstration on a moving train, partnership with Japanese telecommunications carrier KDDI.

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2- Facebook Introduces Messenger Version For Kids

Messenger kids

Facebook declared a new version of its Messenger chat app builds for children ages six to twelve. The app is named Messenger Kids.

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3- Qualcomm launches its next flagship processor – Snapdragon 845

Snapdragon 845

Qualcomm announced that its next flagship processor will be called the Snapdragon 845. The company has confirmed that the chip is due out in 2018.

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4- YouTube to launch paid music services in March 2018

youtube-music service

YouTube plans to launch a paid music service in March, according to the information. Its new music service, which is reportedly internally known as Remix.

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5- Google releases arrays of Indian focused app services


Google India declared a slew of India-first products and the features designed especially for the over growing base of the Indian internet users.

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 6- Flipkart Big Shopping Sale: The best deals and offers

Flipkart has arrived with its Big Shopping Sale Day. It has a lot of exciting deals to offer this time. Have a look at the list of some of the deals.

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7- LG Signature Edition – costlier than iPhone X

LG Signature phone

Priced at $1800, this phone is costlier than iPhone X. LG has added this upgraded version of V30 to its LG signature edition of consumer devices.

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8- Robots that can see future

The recent innovation from the Robotics and AI genre states of the robots that can see the future, a recent innovation by UC Berkley.

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9- Meet Kiddle- The Google for kids

The thought for the day is Kiddle, i.e. the ‘Safe’ search engine, exclusively made for kids instead of Google. It has a lot to offer. So, read on.

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10- iPhone X works faster powered by Qualcomm than Intel variant

The trending news this time states of the iPhone X, which is working at a greater speed when powered by Qualcomm in comparison to an Intel variant.

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