Weekly Top 10 news

The week that started on 25th December 2017, had some scintillating news to offer from the technological arena. Apple writes an apology letter to its users, Vodafone to start its VoLTE services from January 2018, WhatsApp to stop working on certain phones and much more. Let’s find out what else happened in the Tech World:

1- Apple writes an apology to its customers

Apple recently wrote an open apology letter to all its users in response to the lawsuit it received for slowing down of the iPhones. Read it here now.

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2- Vodafone VoLTE services from January 2018

Vodafone is the next in the line to initiate 4G VoLTE services in the country after BSNL. This initiative is supposed to start from January 2018.

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3- Netflix HDR video streaming available on Windows 10

Netflix HDR Video streaming will be also available on Windows 10 now and perhaps this is the greatest gift to the viewers before the year ends. Read on now.

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4- WhatsApp receives Legal Notice for Middle Finger Emoji

WhatsApp in India gets involved in a legal battle due to its middle-finger emoji. Either it would have to remove it within 15 days or face severe penalty.

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5- WhatsApp to stop working on these phones from December 31ST

WhatsApp to get disabled from a number of phones this year end, for better working and update of the app. Read the names now.

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6- OnePlus to launch its next flagship smartphone- OnePlus 6


OnePlus to launch its next flagship smartphone OnePlus 6 in 2018 mid of March. The OnePlus 6 may get a 3D facial recognition system aided by a good camera.

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7- Mi Service Order- Track your device’s service status online

Mi Service order

Xiaomi India declared the launch of the new Mi Service Order Status feature on Mi.com for the users to track their device repair status on the website.

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8- Google to open brick-and-mortar stores to boost the sale of Pixel in India

Google brick-and-mortar-stores-in-India-to-push-Pixel

Google to open brick-and-mortar stores in India. In order to shore up sales of its Pixel smartphones in the worlds fastest-growing markets for the devices.

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9- MediaTek, Intel is expected to win Apple’s modem chip for 2018 iPhones

MediaTek, Intel is expected to win Apple's modem chip for 2018 iPhones

Apple recently allegedly searching for a partner with Taiwanese chip maker MediaTek for a portion of the baseband modems it will use in 2018.

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10- Xiaomi Mi 7 to drop fingerprint sensor for 3D Face Recognition

Mi 7

Xiaomi smartphone Mi 7, may become among the first Android handsets to ditch the fingerprint sensor entirely in favor of facial recognition.

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