Undoubtedly, Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers in the world, with a huge fan base. But even being an all-rounder browser, its capabilities can be further enhanced and expanded by installing extensions that are extremely effective in boosting performance and improving the users’ workflow. So, here comes a list of the top 10 best Firefox add-ons, that can turn Firefox into a powerhouse.

  • Grammarly: One of the most important tools used for communications and documents, which helps in avoiding embarrassing grammatical or spelling errors. This add-on just requires the setting up of an account but again its free for the ones who need fewer than 400 grammar/spelling checks per month. Further, Grammarly can also detect contextual errors, often confused words, and subject-verb agreement issues. The add-on works on almost all the popular sites such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but doesn’t support Google Drive and Google Docs.




  • Awesome Screenshot Plus: The Awesome Screenshot Plus is an add-on which helps in capturing an entire web page or any portion of it, and then elucidate the image with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines, and text. Awesome Screenshot Plus is also used for blurring sensitive information so that the user can limit what’s saved in the final image. Also, the authority behind the add-on recently introduced its own image hosting and sharing service by the same name, where just the image is required to be saved.


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  • Gmail Notifier: One of the most dreaded occurrences is Email overloading, which can almost ruin the entire day of the user. The Gmail Notifier add-on obviously doesn’t give a guarantee to solve all of the email problems, but of course, it can help the users to streamline how and when to become alerted to incoming emails. The add-on also supports multiple Gmail accounts and can be customized it to receive alerts when emails arrive under specific labels, the users have already created in Gmail. With Gmail Notifier, the user no longer needs to keep open a browser tab showing email messages.


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  • Adblock Plus: One of the most popular Firefox add-on by far, with 13.4 million users, as per the reports by Mozilla. This prime rated tool helps in removing almost all of the ads from the web browser and further enables the user to allow unassertive ads on sites adhering to advertising standards and are widely agreed to but rarely followed online. The makers of Adblock Plus have drawn resentment from the advertising industry, but the sheer number of users is a clear indication of how users now perceive online advertising.


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  • Ghostery: The Ghosteryadd-on takes direct aim at the trackers that slowing down the computer’s performance and sometimes unwittingly sharing the personal information with third parties. This tool further provides on-page reporting of the trackers associated with each site users visit and includes details about the purpose, data collection and retention practices of each tracker. The add-on can also be customized to block or trust each tracker by site or category.


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  • LastPass: Passwords and logins are designed to confirm identities and secure personal data, but few people can actually want to or have the memory to remember all of the passwords required during a typical day. By creating a master password and account with LastPass, users can safely encrypt and backup all of the passwords and logins in one place. The LastPass add-on will fill in the login info automatically and synchronize across multiple devices. This extension’s most popular features are free, but the company also sells an annual plan for users who require family password sharing or premium two-factor authentication options.


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  • Evernote Web Clipper: Evernote, like Wunderlist, is a common and very useful productivity app. The full Evernote suite can almost perform various activities, but the bulk of features focus on saving notes and online content for organizational purposes. The Web Clipper makes this work particularly easy by giving the users a way to save an entire Firefox website, with links and images, directly within  Evernote notebook.



  • Pocket: Pocket allows the user to save any article or video for later consumption. There are quite a number of services like Pocket, but this add-on features syncing properties that allows the user to save content directly within another browser or the official Pocket app for iOS and Android devices. Also, this lets the user set aside interesting articles when there is not enough time to read them.



  • HootSuite Hootlet: If the job involves sharing tons of articles, hilarious memes, cat videos, and news stories on social media, then this Hootlet add-on allows the user to swiftly share anything the user is for with a couple of The service works wonders with Hootsuite’s automatic analytics, if it’s entirely for marketing purposes.



  • Buffer: Buffer, in simpler terms is basically the professional version of AddThis. It allows the user to schedule the tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn comments, and other content, which will then be automatically posted at certain times. While this might be nice for the socially obsessed, the add-on truly works well when it comes to marketing.