The latest Cyber Security Threat is the BankBot Android banking malware. When traced back a bit, the story states of Google Play Store which had been invaded again with apps carrying the BankBot Android banking malware. Now, this is a pro in using fake overlay screens to mislead the banking app users into giving away their credentials. As per reports, one such malicious was downloaded between 5,000 and 10,000 times, before it got removed by Google.

What is this BankBot?

This is nothing but a typical Trojan horse virus, which when enters a machine, completely turns into a big mess later. Basically, this is a typical detection for a computer Trojan that enters the files attached to e-mails and instant messages, is embedded into letters or gets downloaded using peer-to-peer applications. It can be detected by AVG antivirus and it harms the compromised system very badly. Even if AVG is able to detect this virus, it won’t allow the user to remove it the computer. As soon as the user tries to do that, it gives errors and warning to stop the removal action. Besides, this virus might also stop the user from downloading anything on the computer, leading it to become more unstable.

How does it affect the banks?

This Android-targeting BankBot malware was discovered early this year and reportedly the more improved version of an unnamed open source banking malware that was leaked in an underground hacking forum.

 How can BankBot attack?

  • It may be offered in many unidentified web sites.
  • It may be bundled with some spam email attachments.
  • It may be brought with other computer threats.
  • It may be spread with some corrupt files shared with others.
  • It may come along with coming free applications downloaded from the Internet.
  • It may come with a surprise attack if you click some unidentified links and pop-ups, browse some illegal contents, and etc.

Throughout the entire year, Bankbot has been distributed, posing as entertainment and online banking apps on Google Play. The main job of this Trojan horse Virus is generating a connection between the hackers and the systems so that the hackers can get an access to all the personal information without much effort. If the same thing continues, then individuals losing all their wealth falling under this trap would be a very common sight.

In addition, as per a recent blog post, the latest variant of the mobile malware has added 10 apps from United Arab Emirates banks to its predecessors’ target list. Altogether the malware now impersonates 160 apps from banks in 27 different countries.

Improper online activities, such as accessing to unsafe web sites and downloading corrupted “free” programs may result in more of the BankBot infection. Therefore, good surfing habits should be developed to keep the computer clean.

Steps of removing of BankBot:

This Trojan horse might disable the antivirus program and camouflage itself as a part of the system, which adds more difficulty for its removal. So, under such circumstances, the user needs to opt for other ways. This includes removing manually or using a professional malware tool.

If opting for the second option,  the steps are:

Method 1: Removal of BankBot from PC using SpyHunter.
Method 2: Removal of BankBot from PC using Manual Removal.
Method 3: Removing the Trojan Horse by Using STOPzilla AntiVirus.
Method 4: Removing the Trojan Horse by Using BitDefender Internet Security.

Lastly, in a nutshell, BankBot is designed by hackers to ruin the computer and steal sensitive information from computer victims. So, for this antivirus is the most effective weapon to counter the Trojan infection.