There’s a new notification for TrueCaller this time. This states that the TrueCaller for Android been updated with an all-new Block section that makes it easier for users to manage their block list. The updated app also lists a bugfix that addresses the issue that disabled the mark SMS as reading functionality at times. Also, in addition to the releasing of the new update, the Truecaller team has discontinued its Windows Phone version. To look back, the Truecaller app for Windows 10 Mobile was released back in September 2015 that offered features such as offline caller ID support and profile pictures of identified callers. Now with this latest move, the Truecaller app has joined the bandwagon that recently added Slack.

The updated Truecaller for Android (version 9.4.10) ropes in the new Block section that simplifies the way to manage contacts that users have blocked using the app. The updated app also fixes the bug that was affecting the functionality to mark SMS messages as read.

With both these new developments now, the updated Truecaller for Android is available for download via Google Play. The app is 26MB in size and requires at least Android 4.1.


Now, unlike the updated features debuting on Android, the Truecaller team is all set to put the Windows Phone version of the caller ID app to rest by discontinuing its support. To this, WindowsLatest reported, citing about the Truecaller Help Twitter account, that Truecaller had confirmed the discontinuation on Twitter. A TrueCaller Help account tweeted here that, “Due to Microsoft stopping focus on developing Windows 10 Mobile, we have also discontinued support. Sorry about that”. Importantly, the authenticity of the account is in question as it hasn’t been verified yet by Twitter.

Lastly, though the Truecaller app was listed on the Microsoft Store, right now, it is no longer available for download.