Twitter now has a new role to play for its users. Well, at a certain point in life, all of us have gone through the feeling that the list of people we follow is exploding. So, here Twitter helps to ease that burden by suggesting users we might unfollow.

Of course, this is quite a strong step as the fake news and trolls taking over Twitter, the microblogging platform is reportedly working on a solution to help users to improve the overall experience.

Right now, Twitter could start suggesting users do not follow particular accounts in the near future. Twitter has further confirmed that it has already tested this feature for a limited group of users. Going forward, like Twitter suggests its users about which account to follow, in addition also might start suggesting users to ‘unfollow’ particular accounts. To this, Twitter announced, “‘You don’t need to follow everyone to know what’s happening.”

While Twitter is yet to share the fixed time as to by when this feature would finally roll out, the company did not share as to how it would decide the recommendation ‘unfollow’ list. Also, right now, there is no official word from Twitter as to whether it would actually roll out such a service or not. Having said that with this test, Twitter definitely acknowledges the fact that it needs much improvement on its platform, which includes more checks to better the overall experience. The company has already started deleting bot accounts on its own and is also suspending accounts that incite hate or share abusive content.

As announced via a post on Twitter, the social media platform would now be segregating messages to help users sort out incoming Direct Messages from people they follow and those they don’t. As mentioned, if users receive a DM from a Twitter non-follower, the message is directed to the Requests tab. While a user enters the conversation, Twitter would then ask to select between Delete and Accept messages. Here, now once users accept the message, they would be able to allowed to engage with the particular user, and the message would be moved to the Inbox tab.