Twitter’s new report has disclosed that it has quietly muted 3,00,000 accounts that encouraged terror in the first six months of the year. 95% of which was taken down after being identified up by Twitter’s own Artificial intelligence tools designed to separate out such accounts.

The Twitter team is involved in an incantation that is unpleasant to convince US and European authorities that it is fully active in a fight against terrorism. Even, advised it to invest in technologies capable of striking out trolls terrorist supporters and people engaged in hate speech.

Twitter’s requests are underwritten by an extremism researcher Maura Conway at Vox-pol, who wrote: “Our research shows that Twitter is no longer a conducive space for IS supporters. Twitter’s aggressive pro-IS account takedown activity means that the once vibrant and extensive IS Twitter network is now almost non-existent”.

The recent figures highlight the importance of algorithms in defeating terrorist with the number of accounts removed by the software rather than humans jumping from just 74% in the earlier six months as AI’s become more adept at culling content.

Indeed Twitter eliminated 20% fewer accounts than it did over the past six months. A factor allocates to the swift removal of terror accounts as soon as they rise, with 75% drop before releasing a single tweet.