Take a nostalgic ride with Uber this time. How?!! With the aim of expanding its reach in India, Uber has started this new pilot programme that would bring back the traditional, black and yellow taxi drivers on board. The programme termed as UberTaxi is initially in a testing phase in Mumbai, precisely in South Mumbai, right now. The latest development till date emerges days after the launch of the second phase of the ‘Movement’, which is a free tool that uses Uber’s anonymize trip data to help urban planners to reduce traffic and congestion in their areas. To this, the San Francisco, California-based company added that it is also working closely with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to push road safety awareness in the country.

Here, an Uber added that “We are excited to expand transportation choices for our riders with the launch of a pilot view named Taxi in Mumbai and hope to scale this service further in the coming time”.

Uber, in fact, added that this movie would also help to digitize services offered by local taxi drivers. The spokesperson added that “At Uber, we continuously evaluate product needs to ensure that we are able to provide the most efficient, affordable and convenient ride for everyone, everywhere. Mumbai’s Kaali Peelis are a critical component to solving the city’s mobility needs. Ridesharing technologies like Uber can help bring thousands of Kaali Peeli drivers into the digital fold and improve their service delivery/ efficiency and augment their earnings potential”.


Here, it needs mentioning that an UberTaxi ride is designed to be cheaper than a UberGo ride. It also enables a cashless model for booking local taxis. However, unlike offering an AC cab, it also has a  non-AC option for riders looking for a cheaper solution. Here it also needs mentioning that Uber rival Ola already has a similar service in Mumbai, calling the ride type as Taxi. It offers the choice of AC and non-AC taxis, with different rates for each.

Now, India isn’t the first country where Uber is bringing the UberTaxi model. Notably, the company has previously launched this similar model in London back in June 2014 to provide riders another option to commute in the city and to offer standard taxi drivers another choice to earn their livelihood. This time, the India model appears quite interesting, though, keeping in mind, the criticism raised by local taxi drivers against Uber in the past.