Uber – the ride-hailing company just completed 500-million rides in India and is still looking forward to conquering newer territories. In its bid to further strengthen the business operations in the country, it launched a brand new ‘Uber for Business’ service, recently. According to reports, this service is packed with enticing new features to make more lucrative business propositions to enterprises.

The introduction of the new Uber features is said to empower business managers to implement new late night policies, to ensure their employees smoothly get cab facility at nights. Moreover, now managers can even set the daily or monthly ceiling of conveyance expenditure for an employee. If the cost goes above that limit, the additional charges will have to be paid by the concerned employees.

Image credit: peerbits

Uber left nothing to guess that it is keen to help businesses achieve cost-cutting and enjoy lesser hassles in running the day-to-day conveyance operations. However, this sums up to lesser fun for the employees. This became even more evident, as and when the ride-hailing company issued a written statement, attributed to Mr. Arjun Nowhar, APAC head, Uber for Business. The statement read, “With the launch of our revamped Uber for Business platform, our technology makes it possible to create specialized solutions that help businesses have access to reliable transportation options for all their needs. Companies can now configure and use our platform to manage transportation requirements for all, while reducing costs, increasing operational efficiency and improving compliance.”

It is relevant to mention here, Uber has to compete hard with Ola to secure its position in the business. The automated tools, included in the latest feature, are meant for businesses to set up programs for the daily commute, including the airport pickups and drops. Furthermore, a spokesperson was quoted as saying, “All the new features will be available to all our existing business partners.”

The Uber for Business dashboard will now have redesigned user interface and will now allow employers interact with employees, clients and customers through the Uber Central facility.