Google instant apps allow the user to use apps from google play store without installing it. At present, there are 500 million Android users have access to instant apps across countries where Google Play operates. A number of Google Play Apps and games businesses across a wide range of industries have already started building with instant apps. Following the launch of their instant apps, they have seen strong results in engagement, acquisition, and retention. At present, you can use these 6 instant apps without installing it.


With more than 50M creators and 240M viewers worldwide, Vimeo has constructed a platform whereby people can easily share videos with friends. The company wanted to implement Android Instant Apps to enable their audience to easily immerse themselves in content through a native app experience. Vimeo increased session duration by 130% with their instant app.




Jet provides a shopping platform, using a real-time savings engine to counter chances for customers to pay less. The company wanted to enlarge the reach of their current app in order to support instant app, Jet found that their conversion rate increased by 27%.



NYTimes Crosswords:

The NYTimes Crosswords instant app imparts users with crossword puzzles as printed in the New York Times daily newspaper. Their main focus was to create a more native experience for their audience, increasing app engagement. Instant apps have a 2x number of sessions per user. Based on early results, they are also seeing more effective acquisition, conversion, and long-term retention.




dotloop is real estate transaction platform which makes it easier for real estate professionals to interact with home buyers and sellers, and for them to be to sign documents anytime, anywhere. Their aim for instant apps was to provide more users a native app experience for the signing process of documents. Dotloop increased their key metric with a 62% increase in users who sign a document.





Based in Berlin, the app provides news, live scores, fixtures, results, tables and stats for over 230 leagues and 15 languages. Onefootball built an instant app by reducing its APK size alongside other updates. The number of users who read news and share content increased 55% in their instant app. :

A leading online real estate destination that attracts nearly 60 million unique visitors each month to its desktop and mobile platforms. enabled Android Instant Apps support by modularizing its 12 MB app into instant app modules. With Instant Apps, increased their key conversion metrics having doubled the number of leads per property listing details page view.