Petya ransomware – a malicious computer program that affected computer systems mostly in Russia and Ukraine – grabbed news headlines globally exactly a couple of days back. The cyber attack disrupted normal business and took a massive on business. To counter this menace, a vaccine program has already been invented.

This vaccine is actually a program file that is injected into an affected machine. The program searches for a specific file and on finding it, the vaccine runs its encryption code on it, making the virus useless. The news about this smart and efficient vaccine has been confirmed by a number of reputed cybersecurity organizations. According to topnotch researchers involved with developing this vaccine program, the file has to be created separately for every affected computer system.

It is better to create the file, name it “perfc” and save it to the C:\Windows folder. Make sure, the file is saved in Read-Only mode.

In any case, members of the public, who are affected by this ransomware are being repeatedly asked by the authorities not to pay up. In the latest development, the emailing service that displayed the address at which, the victims were supposed to send their hard-earned money has shut down the account.