Huawei has recently hit the news with the news that the owners have blocked from downloading the popular media app. Now, VideoLAN, i.e. the company behind the popular cross-platform VLC media player, has recently announced that users of some of Huawei’s newer handsets won’t be allowed to download the open-source player from the Google Play Store any longer.

Now, this decision to blacklist the phone maker came after several VLC users have left negative reviews on the Play Store for audio playback issues. However, this time VideoLAN holds Huawei responsible for audio failing on the app, blaming it on the phone manufacturer’s “ridiculous policy of killing all background apps”.

Here, while all the phone manufacturers look for ways to optimize battery life on their devices, Huawei’s most possible solution is to kill all background apps whenever possible. This includes VLC, which needs to stay open for audio to continue playing while another app is being used.

Is this move strategical?

However, this also states that not all Huawei devices have been blocked from downloading the VLC app. Now, this can be confirmed that the Huawei P10 no longer displays the player on the Play Store. However, also as per recent reports, VideoLAN has also blacklisted the Huawei P8 and P20, although there could be more.

However, users of blacklisted devices interested in using VLC can still download the APK from the developer’s website. Only access via the Google Play Store has been blocked.

Right now, it’s still very unclear whether existing users of the player would be affected or not, but even after this Huawei owners are not very happy about this situation.

Responding to one user, VideoLAN tweeted (in French), “If an app [plays audio], it’s normal for it to be in [the] background. Blocking the normal operation of Android is totally abnormal. Otherwise, just kill all the apps, and [don’t] turn on the phone, it saves even more battery!”