The Telecom Sector has become quite competitive ever since the entry of Reliance Jio in the Telecom Sector. Jio has already raised the bars by offering unlimited data and free voice calls. So, taking a cue from this, other Telecom operators have also initiated new offers and data packs for its users. Thus, one of the leading telecom operator of the country, Vodafone has rolled out a new plan for its pre-paid customers in Delhi and NCR.

This new prepaid plan, termed as ‘Talk non-stop with Vodafone unlimited calls’ provides the prepaid users with unlimited calls and 1 GB data at ₹196. This data is specially aimed at people with low data requirements but still want to avail unlimited calls.

Now, Reliance Jio has already started offering unlimited voice calls by using its VoLTE feature and also within a few months Airtel, under pressure of losing subscribers, launched their own series of combo packs.

This new pack launched by Vodafone will offer unlimited calls for a period of 28 days. However, there are also certain conditions. The users cannot make more than calls of more than 250 minutes per day or 1000 minutes per week. Anything exceeding this threshold will attract a sum of 30 paisa per minute. For instance, if a customer consumes 1000 minutes on 2nd day, she/he would be charged for rest of the five days of the week.

Another prevailing condition states that the user shouldn’t call more than 300 unique numbers in a period of seven days. If they manage to cross the threshold, the user will be charged at 30 paisa per minute for the extra calls they have made.

According to Vodafone’s terms and conditions, anything above the prescribed limits will be looked at as commercial use and will be charged accordingly. Also, the price of the offer might vary in accordance with varying circles.