Give your hands a rest. Rather, use your voice to quench your search. Confused?!! Well, this refers to the new search feature formed by Internet Browser Mozilla Firefox, which resorts to entering a search query with the help of your voice instead of typing it. This is a new measure by Mozilla to win the battle against Google Chrome.

The feature states that while using Firefox in English on Mac, Windows or Linux, the experimental ‘Voice Fill’ feature can be set and then resort to it on Google, Yahoo and DuckDuck Go. This support will be available for other devices later.

Initially, Alphabet’s Google offered speech recognition on its search engine, while accessing Chrome on the desktop, since 2013. In fact, Yahoo, Microsoft’s Bing and Google have let their search queries by resorting to voice on the mobile devices. But using voice for Google search on the desktop itself has been never before. Definitely, Mozilla has planned effectively for making the desktop browser more competitive.

This Voice Fill Feature got announced by Mozilla just a few weeks after it had announced its Common Voice Project that permits people to ‘donate’ recordings of them saying various things leading to the build up of an “an open-source voice recognition engine” that anyone might use. As per the recent statement by speech Engineer Andre Natal, Mozilla will use recordings from Voice Fill and the Common Voice Project so that the speech recognition can be made more accurate.

Further, he added that Mozilla is yet to publicize its voice snippets from the Common Voice project on the latter half of this year. Also, this speech recognition model will be free for others’ usage as well and of course the scope for developers to form their own apps.

Right now, Mozilla has five people working on the speech research and around 30 people working on the speech technology overall. Further plans from the team refer to the working of this technology from other languages other than English.