terminator like flesh healing

Just imagine the cyborg assassin, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Hollywood sci-fi The Terminator series, coming to life. Well, if you think this to be too wild an imagination, then you should better think again! A team of scientists at the Vrije University in Brussels registered a landmark success by creating robots with self-healing properties.

As a result, the new generation of robots can easily recover themselves from wounds resulting from stabbing or gushing with knives. With this single invention, developing human-like abilities of robots has advanced in leaps and bounds. According to experts, the way the robotic technology is advancing at present, that day is not far away when robots will chase and fire guns at targets.

However, unlike the cyborg assassin in The Terminator series, the real-life self-healing robots are not likely to initiate a rampage, not at least anytime soon. Rather, they will be engaged in grabbing fruits, vegetables and soft products and will act as helping hands to humans. However, experts are not ruling out the possibility of robots playing a major role in cloning of prosthetics identical to man in near future.

flesh-healing robot

Professor Bram Vanderborght, who was involved in this research, has described the success of the project in as as many as words, “The outcome of the research opens up promising perspectives. Robots can not only be made lighter and safe, they will also be able to work longer independently without requiring constant repairs.”

Scientists from the Vrije University successfully applied jelly-like polymers to create the flesh of the robot. These chemical compounds meld together, when they are heated and cooled.

This striking success in the world of science and technology has raised some eyebrows. A section of the experts is concerned that this technological breakthrough may lead to creation of killer robots by some irresponsible and unprincipled entities. Eventually, it may lead to severe chaos and destruction in the society in some distant future.