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The world of technology was all abuzz in the week starting 11th September 2017. The highly anticipated iphone X and iphone 8, 8+ has been launched in this week itself. The Blueborne Bluetooth vulnerability also emerged this week. Let’s find out what else happened in the Tech World.

1. The world witnesses the launch of iPhone 8 and iPhone 10

Apple has created headlines again this time with the launch of its two new smartphones, iPhone 8 and iPhone 10. Designed with enthralling features like 12 MP rear camera, iOS 11 operating system, A11 processor, wireless charging, Face ID and Animoji, these are truly the phones the heart desires for.

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2. Apple Watch 3 with calling facility

Apple-Watch-series 3

Apple Watch of series 3 gets introduced along with iPhone X. It comes with wireless LTE connectivity permit its users to able to make phone calls or send text messages from the watch.

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3. BlueBorne hacking phones through Bluetooth


Security Company Armis has discovered a collection of eight exploits called BlueBorne. It can permit an attacker access to your phone without touching it.

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4. Xafecopy triggers fear in India

A new malware named Xafecopy Trojan that has been detected in India which steals money through victim’s mobile phones informed by Cybersecurity Kaspersky.

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5. Whatsapp to  introduce Delete Message


Newly Whatsapp is testing on ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature. This allows the users to delete the messages that have been sent by mistake before they read it.

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6. Google launches its digital payment app ‘TEZ’

Tech giant Google this time launches its localized digital payment app ‘TEZ’, which also supports UPI. This is mainly an attempt to generate bulk revenue from the massive user base in India.

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7. Nokia launches ‘Haqdarshak’ app for disaster-prone areas

Haqdarshak is the latest social protection app by Nokia which aims at initiating a mobile and desktop-based platform, for digitizing welfare schemes and enabling residents of the disaster-prone areas to apply for the various entitlements, in case of an occurrence of any disaster or mishap.

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8. ExpensiveWall Android malware attacks, affecting 5,000 devices

The security researchers at CheckPoint has come up with the discovery of a new ExpensiveWall malware, found in at least 50 apps and infecting around 5,000 devices.

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9. Mi Mix2 launched

The Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2 launched just a day before the iPhoneX was released. This phone stands out with almost a bezel less ceramic body. 

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10. Airtel in talks with handset makers for 4G phone

Airtel to launch 4G smartphone

The largest telecom operator Bharti Airtel is in a race with Jio. Airtel talks with various handset manufacturers to launch an Airtel 4G smartphone for a price as economical as Rs 2,500 to 2,700 to overtake Reliance Jio.

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