Android users to get a new update of WhatsApp. After the initial rollout of WhatsApp Business in the markets of Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, UK and the United States, the app is finally made available to Indian users.

The app states that small businessmen now would be able to jump on to the system and create the respective Business Profiles and more. Right now, this app is available only on the Google Play Store for Android users. However, this app is yet unavailable in the Apple App Store.

Here, it needs mentioning that this WhatsApp Business service is very much different from the WhatsApp service. The former is more applicable to the business owners. But, before that, users would have to verify and register the mobile number, all over again, and this would be different from the one used for regular WhatsApp application. In addition, certain similarities are also found with the original WhatsApp like the WhatsApp Business app allows businesses to set privacy for their profile photo, about information, and status as well as lets them block any of their contacts and enable read receipts. The app also has a live location feature that helps companies share their live location with their clients and customers. Notably, the app also offers end-to-end encryption for all the messages and calls it circulates to restrict any third-party access.

According to the detailed Blog Post by the company, the new features of the WhatsApp For Business includes, ‘Business Profiles’, ‘Messaging Tools’, ‘Messaging Statistics’, ‘WhatsApp Web’ and ‘Account Type’.

Whatsapp business
Image Credit: India Today

Now, a bit of detailing of these features:

  • Business Profiles- Helps customers to get additional information such as the email or the store address, website or any other extra description of the business.
  • Messaging Tools- These enable business owners to set quick replies to ensure that they can quickly send answers to the FAQs in addition to greeting messages that introduce customers to their business or custom away messages when the owners are busy or during off hours.
  • Messaging Statistics- This provides business owners with a simple metric about the number of messages that were read so that they can tweak the content of quick replies or their strategy of contacting their customers.
  • WhatsApp Web- This is the regular web interface of ‘WhatsApp Business’ allowing owners to send or receive messages using a desktop.
  • Account Type- One of the most important parts here is the fact that business owners can list themselves as businesses after installing the app to ensure that the customers contacting them know that they are business owners.

Lastly, the company clarified that normal users would be able to continue using WhatsApp without change and there is no need to download anything new right now. Users can also report the messages from Business accounts as spam if they are actually spamming in nature.