WhatsApp beta version again updated with a latest feature. This time  WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature which would enable users to hear continuous voice messages in a chat without the need of tapping the play button again and again.

WhatsApp has been adding a list of new features to its platform in order to improve the overall user experience. After launching features such as WhatsApp stickers and video mode for chats, WhatsApp is now reportedly planning to rollout a new Consecutive voice messages feature which would access users to play two or more voice messages continuously without the need to tap on the play button.


According to the report by WABetainfo, the folks at WhatsApp are rigorously working in order to add this feature to the Facebook-owned platform, while some more improvements are expected to be released in the next updates. The Consecutive voice messages are yet not available for development reasons since it needs some improvements before being rolled out for everyone.

This new feature was spotted by WABetainfo after WhatsApp submitted this latest update through the Google Play Beta Program which comes with the version up to 2.18.362.

This is how the consecutive voice message feature would work:


  • When WhatsApp detects two or more consecutive voice messages, it would automatically enable the Consecutive voice messages feature.
  • All the all consecutive voice messages would be played as a sequence after users have played the first one and also won’t be necessary to tap on the play button on each message.
  • When a voice message would end, WhatsApp would also play a short audio to make users aware of this.
  • This would also mean that the next voice message is ready to be played.
  • A different audio would be played when the sequence of voice messages end.


However as of now, there has been no reports on when WhatsApp would be rolling out the consecutive voice messages feature. However, since it has already been spotted in testing phase, we might as well expect it to rollout in the next major update for both Android and iOS users.