WhatsApp now becomes a great resort for all the small business and enterprises. With almost 1.3 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp has now taken initiative to make the platform a much reliable place for small businesses to communicate with the customers. The Facebook-owned enterprise has finally released its WhatsApp for Business App which enables businesses to connect with a large number of users more easily. Further, this app is already up on the Google Play Store in the US, the UK, Italy, Indonesia, and Mexico and would be available in India in a few weeks’ time. This is free to download and access as of now, but WhatsApp reportedly intends to monetize it with a subscription fee or with an advertisement later.

With WhatsApp for Business app, the company has quite changed the interface and added a bunch of new features which would allow small businesses to furnish more details about themselves and respond faster to their customers.

More uses:

This app basically provides businesses to create a business profile with more detailed information about what they do and sell along with their address, website, and contact number. With this, customers would be able to reach out to them through messages or calls. The app also provides businesses with some smart messaging tools such as quick replies, which are nothing but a bunch of custom messages prepared by them in advance which could be used to provide a quick answer to the FAQs. This would help them to address queries from multiple users in less time.

With this, the businesses could also create greeting messages announcing special offers or deals during festivals. If business owners are unable to answer a customer query due to some emergency or extra workload, the app provides them the option to send a message by default, so the customer would not feel ignored or rejected. Also, the statistics section in the app can help businesses identify messages get more traction.

Here, it needs to be remembered that this new app is only for businesses. Individual users do not have to download it to connect to a small business. After a business account being confirmed by WhatsApp would be highlighted with an icon, so people would know that they are chatting up with a verified merchant. Users would also able to block a merchant in the same manner they can block an individual user on WhatsApp.