WhatsApp is continuously in a process of developing itself, making it more user-friendly. For instance, it was only last October when the app has introduced the perfect way of bringing back the messages that have been sent already, but within a duration of seven minutes or so.

Now, for the majority of the people with the tendency of sending texts and then regretting, WhatsApp is rolling out the already send window for a full hour. To delve deep, it’s being extended to exactly 4,096 seconds, a little over 1 hour 8 minutes.

That’s according to some code digging by WABetaInfo, based on the latest beta version of the app for iOS.

Well, the wait is still there until there’s the official confirmation from WhatsApp, but it seems that if users have said something which they would rather not have said, or posted an embarrassing confession in the wrong group that, they would be getting more time to recall it.

However, talking of limitations, the effectiveness of this feature is measured if the users’ friends have already opened up the message. It can be scrubbed from the record, but for this users really need to act fast and within an hour, before anyone has read what was written actually.


What’s more, whenever a message gets deleted, the other people in the conversation see a “message deleted” alert. Obviously, they know that users have said something that they have regretted, and might also ask some awkward questions about it.

However, even with the limitations, having longer to change the mind about a message has to be a good move for users. So, right now users would have to wait and see if and when the new 4,096-second limit rolls out across all of the stable WhatsApp clients.