Facebook-owned messaging app service WhatsApp is reportedly working with Microsoft to deliver a proper desktop app. WhatsApp is one of the few developers that consistently delivered updates to its Windows Phone.

The app is based on Silverlight, which is what apps built for Windows Phone 8.1 used back in 2014. This means the app is not a Universal Windows Platform app (UWP) and so the app does not run across all the different Windows 10 platforms and devices handy at present.

Microsoft may be working closely with WhatsApp in bringing its Silverlight app to UWP. Along with updating its UI with a refreshed interface that features Fluent Design.

Behance a designer hired by Microsoft said, “WhatsApp is a free cross-platform app owned by Facebook. You can make video calls and send text messages, voice messages, documents, and user locations. I have been supporting the team with porting WhatsApp from Silverlight to UWP. We want them to bring their app to Windows 10 desktop. Also, integrate unique Windows 10 features like Ink and Fluent Design. The project had [a] successful result which led to WhatsApp partnering with Microsoft, and we earned high praise from the WhatsApp team”.

WhatsApp and Microsoft working together

WhatsApp uwp desktop microsoft

Microsoft and WhatsApp are working closely together in updating WhatsApp for the Universal Windows Platform. This will enable it to run across different Windows 10 devices universally. Also, these concept images don’t give us definitive proof that a UWP app of WhatsApp is in the works. But it does serve as confirmation that WhatsApp and Microsoft are at least brainstorming such an idea.

The WhatsApp UWP app would combine the functionality of both the Windows Phone app and the Windows 10 desktop app. On desktops, the UWP app would simply act as a “relay” application. This feature will permit users who use WhatsApp on their iOS or Android device and send and receive WhatsApp content directly on their PC via WhatsApp Web syncing. The app would also act as a native client for Windows 10 devices that have telephony capabilities.

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