WhatsApp is making it easier to spot messages that have been forwarded to you. This feature is available for the newest 2.18.179 beta version of the app on the Android. The messages that have been forwarded come with a label. This feature is set on by default and cannot be altered.

This feature has been updated on your WhatsApp beta app so you will start noticing it on forwarded messages. Just above the message that has been forwarded, there will be a text highlighted which says ‘Forwarded’ along with the arrow icon. So whenever you forward any message on WhatsApp. And send it to other contacts, it will be displayed along with the forwarding label.

Also, this forwarded tag doesn’t appear on the desktop version of WhatsApp. There is no option either to turn this feature on/off. The addition is only available for Android platform and not for iOS and Web version.

How to spot forwarded messages?

This feature is visible only to WhatsApp beta users on Android. Those who wish to see how this feature works and other beta tests can do so. You can always opt out of the beta programme by uninstalling the testing version. And downloading the public version of WhatsApp from Google Play Store.

Media Visibility feature

To recall WhatsApp has added a feature called new media visibility. It allows users to decide whether they want WhatsApp media content to be showcased in the gallery or not. This feature is truly useful is truly useful as this will save a lot of additional space on your phone.

Click chat feature

The messaging platform also incorporated a feature named click chat. This feature allows users to send messages to numbers that are not saved in their contact list. This means that you now don’t have to save unnecessary numbers just for a one-time conversation.

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