WhatsApp is rolling out new feature that will permit the users to hide photos and video received in chats. In case if you have enabled auto-download, then photos and video are locally saved to your phone gallery. In addition to the Drive that serves as a cloud backup for all chats and media files at all times offered you don’t delete them manually.

The WhatsApp for Android beta version 2.18.159 will allow its users to choose if they want the WhatsApp media to be shown in their phone’s gallery. This feature is called “Show media in gallery”.

This feature is available under a new setting marked as Media Visibility.  It is rolling out to the beta testers gradually. This means that some users may see this and enable this feature before others. However, people who want to check if this feature has arrived on their WhatsApp version need to head to Google Play store and install the beta update version 2.18.15.

How to activate the Show media gallery option?

In order to activate the Show media in gallery option, the user need to open the settings of the app. Next, they need to tap on “Data and storage usage” option. At the bottom, the new Media Visibility setting will be available. It will allow them to choose show media in gallery option. If they enables it user can view the saved images in gallery and if they denies then it will hide the images.

While this new feature will save the user from unintentional pop-ups of the WhatsApp images and videos in phone’s gallery. But, it will not stop the media content from being downloaded. You will have to toggle the settings of media download on or off for that.

WhatsApp New Contact Shortcut

Earlier, when it came to add a new contact, we had to create a new contact and then we need to open WhatsApp and tap on refresh button. But now that problem is ending. As this new feature allows the users to add contact on WhatsApp directly. The new Contact shortcut include New Group and New Contact.

This feature is also rolling out as a part of the WhatsApp for Android beta version 2.18.159.