WhatsApp Stickers feature has finally become accessible to all the Android and iOS users. Initially after introducing WhatsApp stickers for the Beta users, WhatsApp has now officially rolled out its latest update for the WhatsApp users. As speculated, the new stickers had been an instant hit and later the company also allowed access for the third party stickers. With this latest update, all the WhatsApp users (non-beta) would be also able to use these stickers and express while communicating on the platform.

Additionally, the stickers with regional languages are also becoming quite popular. Recently, Malayalam WhatsApp Stickers for Android & iOS platform is currently available for download and usage. In fact it is speculated that the regional WhatsApp stickers are expected to gain more momentum.

WhatsApp-Sticker-Packs-StoreThe company has finally released the WhatsApp Stickers to all the users after much anticipation and leaks. For the users, this  Facebook-owned company has provided dedicated stickers store from where the users can download and use these stickers. Currently, there are only 12 sticker packs provided by WhatsApp. However, the users can download third-party stickers too.

Now, for the users a quick glance on how to get the stickers:


Steps to use WhatsApp stickers on Android/iPhone:

  • After updating the app, users might open any chat in the messenger.
  • Then place a Tap on the emoji button.
  • Then Tap on Stickers, which is a new button next to emoji and GIFs buttons.
  • Then users might select the Choose from the default stickers or add more by tapping on the plus icon.

Right now, WhatsApp has only few stickers pack available for users. However they might as well download third-party stickers for WhatsApp by following these steps.


Steps to add WhatsApp stickers from Google Play Store:

  • In the stickers box, users need to tap on the plus icon.
  • Then Tap on download button next to the stickers pack under “All Stickers.”
  • To download the custom stickers, users need to scroll down, and choose “Get more stickers.”
  • Users might as well search for “WAStickerApp” on Play Store to download the stickers directly.

To delve a deep more, WhatsApp Sticker section has three important icons under it. The clock icon shows all the recently used sticker, the star icon that shows stickers that have been marked as favorite and last heart icon which further subdivides into four categories. First category shows all the happy stickers, second has all the heart-related stickers(both love and heart-broken), third category contains all the sad stickers and last one with the exclamation mark that has got all the other-emotions representing stickers. These categories help to find more specific sticker for your chats.