WhatsApp has quite created a buzz these days with the development of its latest feature for users and which are the ‘Stickers’. As known and discussed already, the feature adds the ability to share ‘stickers’ with friends and family, and they are much more flexible than emojis as they can be made of images, sketches, or even graphics. In fact,, this adds more flexibility to the way users can express themselves on the platforms. WhatsApp has announced the rollout of this new feature a week back and it has continued to roll it out for users across the globe.

As the stickers support continues to roll out for all the WhatsApp users, one thing that is lacking is the support for making custom sticker packs. Instead, to follow the words of support guidelines provided by the company, users need to have some level of coding knowledge to make sticker pack apps that other users on the internet can install. However, it now seems that this issue of creating custom sticker packs seems to have been resolved by a third party app.

Now the following part below states certain steps for users to follow that would help them to create their own sticker packs and then load them on the WhatsApp. However, once users are very sure that they can access the stickers feature only then they should the instructions below. Also, this is only applicable only for Android users.

Step 1:

Users need to head over to Google Play Store and locate the app with the name “Sticker maker for WhatsApp” or head straight to bit.ly/2PMDooy to install the app on the Android device to install the app.

Step 2:

Once installed, users need to open the app and tap on the button ‘Create a new stickerpack’ and enter the Stickerpack name along with the name of the author.

Step 3:

Now, when the users would Open the sticker pack they would be greeted with an empty screen with placeholders for the ‘tray icon’ along with placeholders for thirty stickers in one sticker pack.

 Step 4:


A tap on the ‘tray icon’ placeholder would lead the app to take the user’s permission to use the camera of the phone to take pictures and video along with storage of the device to use photos, media, and files on the device.

Step 5:


Users need to choose any image file with the ‘Select File’ option or capture the image with ‘Take Photo’ option. Once the file is selected or image is clicked, users then need to draw an outline for the area in the image that they want to keep as the sticker. Here a tip for users remain to use finger to draw the outline and pinch and zoom to enlarge the image for an accurate cut-out.

Step Six:

Then there’s a tap on the ‘Yes, Save Sticker’, and with that users might as well add whatever number of stickers in the sticker pack. The minimum seems to be three stickers while the maximum is capped to thirty. Once done with the sticker pack, users need to tap on the ‘Publish Sticker Pack’ button towards to lower right side of the bottom.

Step Seven:


Tapping the green button would give a prompt if users want to add the sticker pack to WhatsApp. The thing to note here is that only users would have the access to the sticker pack as it is technically side loading the sticker pack on the system. It might as well be possible to export and import these stickers between different phones.

Thus the steps ends here. Now, users can send the stickers to  family and friends on personal chats, or on groups.