WhatsApp NightMode for iOS

The eminent messaging app, WhatsApp is now updated with a Night Mode camera feature. But, wait! This feature is only for the iOS users.

Details of this feature

It seems like Whatsapp wants to make its camera more popular.So, they recently rolled out the capacity by which users can make videos, draw, as well as write on photos and can add emojis before sharing.Also, this feature is mainly expected to enhance the quality of pictures in low light conditions.

For instance, if the user uses the WhatsApp camera in low light, then a new crescent moon icon will appear next to the flash on top right side. Then, the user needs to click on the icon to activate the mode. After this,  a white crescent moon icon will turn into yellow when users will click on it.

Why is the feature needed?

With this new night mode feature, it looks like WhatsApp is trying to make its camera more functional. This is especially done to give a stiff competition to its rivals.

In conclusion, it can be stated that Whatsapp has been steadily adding some amusing features for making it more useful. The Platform now supports sharing of all file types across Android iOS and Windows. The feature is slowly becoming available to more users. Also, It has recently set up GIF support, easy call forwarding, and an ability to share 30 photos or videos.

Whatsapp, which is right now the largest messaging service app with over 1.2 billions users globally, is said to launch its own UPI-based wallet in India. Though, it is uncertain at this point that the payment feature will be integrated as an option in the app, or not. But, Reports substantiate the fact that Facebook-owned company is already in talks with SBI.NCPI.