Windows 10 Snapdragon

Qualcomm and Microsoft collaboration to bring Windows 10 to Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered laptops have promised always-connected laptops. Also day long batteries live.

Recently, Qualcomm has disclosed that running standard Windows 10 desktop programs should not affect that battery life. It was believed that to benefit from the 20 or more hours’ battery life, owners of the windows 10 on Snapdragon devices would need to stick to Universal Windows Platform apps.

These are the apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store, and Windows 10S, which Windows 10 that can only run those apps. While some standard windows 10 programs have UWP versions and many don’t have.

The report informs that a representative from Qualcomm suggested that performance and battery life impact would be similar if it was running on PC with an Intel processor. But there won’t be a significant impact on battery life if you run full desktop programs which are also known as Win32 apps.

It needs more power and many thought that it will impact on the battery life with Windows on Snapdragon systems. The report suggests Win32 apps will run even if they were running on a standard Intel machine and will use the same amount of power.

Therefore these apps will still deplete the battery life faster than a UWP app might. But due to emulation no being an issue the impact should not be much.

Qualcomm clarified and told that “there’s a combination of things that allow Win32 apps to not significantly impact battery life. One of the major contributors is our efficient Adreno graphics core”.

“Being a native GPU, we actually need fewer cycles/time in the same workloads as opposed to running on X86. Also in the case of running apps that don’t need much CPU, because of the ARM big.LITTLE architecture, we can light up the smaller cores for those workloads. [It] also helps that we’ve tight integration across our SoC, so we can distribute workloads across CPU/GPU/DSP/ISP”.