Microsoft has recently introduced a new utility for both the Android and iOS users. It has revealed a new app for wirelessly transferring videos and photos from mobile devices to the Windows 10 Microsoft Photos app.

This photo- transfer app, termed as Photos Companion, is entirely build for sending photos and videos from an Android or iOS device to Microsoft’s built-in Photos app on Windows 10.

To know more, this transfer service is entirely based on QR codes and Wi-Fi. Also, this works as much as long as the Windows 10 PC is on the same network as the Android or iOS device users would want to move photos or videos from.

The QR code is used to connect the mobile app with the Photos app on Windows 10. Users would have to select the photos they want to transfer from the companion app and then use settings in the Photos app to begin transferring them over Wi-Fi.

While anyone can download this Photo Companion app, developers at Microsoft Garage and Photos teams had built this app, especially keeping in mind the classrooms that rely on Windows 10.

Italian blog Aggiornamenti Lumia had first spotted this new companion app, referring to the possibilities that this Photos app in Windows 10 would also see some improvements. Microsoft is rolling out premium content, including special effects, themes, and music to use in photos and videos. The software giant, also placing an emphasis on stickers for photo stories, would include effects like hats, cars, dinosaurs, and text overlays. However, all of these features are currently on testing mood, and are expected to be made available to Windows Insiders in the months to follow.