Speculations are on the rift that gone are the days of DSLRs. Reason being, the launch of the latest, L16 camera by photography startup, termed as a ‘multi-aperture computational computer camera’ at a recent mobile conference.

The nomenclature is mainly owing to the fact that this new device is equipped with 16 individual lenses, and is quite light weighed, unlike the DSLRs. As per Recode, it is just the size of Nexus 6 that’s almost double the thickness. Utilities state while taking a picture with this camera, all of the 16 lenses capture photos simultaneously at different focal lengths to ensure capturing of more data at every shot. Further, the Light’s technology also boasts of combining all of them into a single 52-megapixel image. With this, the photo’s depth of field, focus, and exposure might be adjusted after the image has been taken.

The L16 also has a lot to offer, powered By Android and built-in Wi-Fi, enabling the users to post pictures directly from the device. Coupled with this are an integrated 35mm-150mm optical zoom and a five-inch touchscreen display. Now with all these enthralling features, the cost might as not be like the high-end cameras, still pre-ordering amount will cost not a less than $1,299, which will be commencing from today and continuing till November 6th, as per the reports published on the Light’s website. The final pricing when it starts shipping is being decided for $1,600 to get one. So, let the countdown begin for the gadget which might or even might not prove to be much better than DSLR.