Now, Xiaomi is the latest name to join the list of Google, Apple, and Samsung. To know more, Xiaomi has recently posted its first-ever official English-subtitled video, describing its all-new Xiao Ai digital assistant, which had first debuted at the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S launch event in China last month. Even if the video is in Mandarin and mostly has China-centric voice commands, the subtitles further reveal that it could offer contextual responses quite similar to the Google AssistantApple’s Siri, or even Samsung’s Bixby.

The contents of the video, posted on Xiaomi’s YouTube channel, state that this Xiao Ai digital assistant would use voice commands to control music playback, provide time and weather information, set alarms/ reminders, check temperature, update with traffic information, operate messaging apps like WeChat, and even control smart home gadgets such as the Mi Robot vacuum cleaner. So basically, Xiao Ai would be working like most other major AI-based digital assistants in the market.

Exclusive to Xiaomi phones, Xiao Ai would be available on the Mi MIX 2S out-of-the-box. A Xiaomi spokesperson, close to this initiative, also added that the digital assistant would be made available on other Xiaomi phones in future software updates, but won’t be making its way to India or other regions outside of China in the near future.

Also, while Xiaomi did recently announce a partnership with Microsoft, that at some point might include integrating the Cortana voice assistant with the Mi AI Speaker, that doesn’t appear to cover phones. Instead, Xiaomi phones in India can use Google Assistant, which of course isn’t available in China at all but does now work in Hindi as well as English.