It is already a known fact since last August that YouTube has already rolled out its new messaging feature within its mobile apps for Android and iOS. Now, almost a year has gone, the video platform is getting its ‘Messages’ to the web.

So, basically, YouTube is now bringing its previously mobile-only messaging feature to the web. Now, when users would get logged into their Google account, then while browsing, users would be also able to share and talk about videos with their friends right on the site. Also, this conversation can be accessed from the chat bubble icon next to the notifications bell on the upper right corner. Chat histories would then pop up on the bottom left of the screen and allow users to continue conversations, just like Hangouts on the web or from the Gmail web inbox.


Also, with this, users would be able to share content into private conversations using the share button under any YouTube video and select a contact or even multiple ones, if users would want to discuss in a group. Also, like many other messaging apps, users would also  leave hearts to like a video or message in the chat.

Further, if users would have yet to “friend” anyone, then selecting the Contacts option would bring users to another page with a button that would allow users to “Add more contacts.” Now, clicking on that would give users an invite link that can be shared with whomever they would like to message on YouTube.

Lastly, while users are in the middle of watching a video, they would have still access to YouTube’s sharing menu. But with the addition of Messages, the top portion of the pop-up is taken up by the user’s recent contacts. So, users would either search for other people to chat with or just share the video’s link through a more traditional medium.


As noted earlier while the feature was launched, this won’t likely change the way YouTube users have been sharing and discussing videos with friends. However, if the user is a heavy YouTube watcher, perhaps it’s convenient to have the chat window directly within the webpage than to move to other apps to talk.